Northwest Direct Marketing
is a US based provider of outsourced call center solutions including inbound and outbound voice, email, chat and social media contact services. We also provide back office BPO services through our Central and South America partners. And for those of our clients wishing to outsource some of their work offshore, we also manage and host portions of their programs to facilities we own or source to our business partners worldwide.

Our Goal at Northwest Direct Marketing is to develop and deliver customer centric programs that both achieve results as well as maximize the ROI for our strategic partners.

"We have built our reputation around understanding our customers' goals and by finding creative and cost effective ways to achieve them."

- Tim Rote



Telecommunications & Cable

We can help you acquire customers and retain them longer. The competition for subscribers and market share remains intense between communication market providers, who have responded by bundling complimentary service offerings to attract a broader spectrum of new customers and retain existing customers. Being able to communicate effectively with your subscriber prospects and current customers about product offerings, pricing and broadening services is where we excel. Our agents are experienced with helping your customers and prospects navigate the bundled offers.



We understand and care about your customer and their needs and know that you care about how we represent you on the call we are taking or placing on your behalf. Sincerity and empathy must be real and cannot be mass produced. Our general services in this area include claims status, claims processing, claims financing, benefits eligibility, and escalation management. Our clinical services include nurses, pharmacists, and technicians, delivered from our small centers designed just for these highly skilled professionals. This enables us to provide a unique service to your members and customers.


Financial Services

We support insurance, retail banking, customer affinity program sales and claims, mortgage, finance (including student loans) early collection (and can source late stage collection), and BPO accounting and tax services. Our U.S. and near shore services fall into three broad categories: (1) Sales and Retention, (2) Customer Support, and (3) BPO. We also provide services that assist in the design and advocacy of our client's product offerings and can easily host or manage offshore programs. And we can help you choose an offshore partner if that is desired.



Whether its supporting product buyers through inbound call, chat or email interaction, we can assist you by developing a highly skilled team of agents that know your products and can assist your prospective customers in making buying decisions. We can also assist with customer service support. Many of our clients also engage us for help with outbound campaigns for renewals, new product offerings, satisfaction surveys, and a host of other activities built around influencing buying or product decisions. Building a small but dedicated team will likely have a big impact on buying behavior.



We provide a broad spectrum of services from basic phone, chat and email service to highly technical support services for software, cell phones, and Hardware equipment. Our primary objective is a first-call resolution. If that can't be accomplished, our goal is to identify more complex issues and provide a smooth transition to the escalation team. We are cognizant that this contact is also an opportunity to identify additionalproducts and/or services (such as warranty purchases) that your customer may want or need. Upsell produce a lot of revenue and extend the customer life.